Open source data management for research

A cluster of independent services (cats) to help you manage your research data.

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A scalable research data management system you can install on your own cloud.

Clowder is a research data management system designed to support any data format and multiple research domains. It contains three major extension points: preprocessing, processing and previewing. When new data is added to the system, whether it is via the web front-end, or through the RESTful web services, preprocessing is off-loaded to extraction services for extracting appropriate data and metadata. The extraction services attempt to extract information and run preprocessing steps based on the type of the data, for example to create previews. This raw metadata is presented to the user in the Clowder web interface.

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Built to be extensible

Extraction Bus

Extend the system by creating new extractors to analyse data. Many languages are supported.

Data Visualizations

Develop your own data previewers specific to your data types.

Rich Metadata

Support for both machine-created and user-created metadata.

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Funding Sources

  • NARA/NSF OCI – Understanding Data Intensive and CPU Intensive Services to Support Preservation and Reconstruction of Electronic Records
  • NSF CDI – Groupscope: Instrumenting Research on Interaction Networks in Complex Social Contexts
  • NSF EAR – Critical Zone Observatory Network for Intensively Managed Landscapes (IML-CZO)
  • NIH – Immunomodulatory and Regenerative Effects of Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Allografts
  • Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant – Great Lakes Monitoring
  • European Commission – Linking Scientific Computing in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean
  • XSEDE – Large Scale Video Analytics
  • NSF ACI – CIF21 DIBBs: Brown Dog
  • NSF ACI - Sustainable Environment through Actionable Data (SEAD)
  • NSF ICER - EarthCube Building Blocks – A Geo-Semantic Framework for Integrating Long-Tail Data and Models