Medici Project

Medici is designed to support any data format and multiple research domains and contains three major extension points: preprocessing, processing and previewing. When new data is added to the system, whether it is via the web application, or through the RESTful services, preprocessing is off-loaded to extraction services in charge of extracting appropriate data and metadata. The extraction services attempt to extract information and run preprocessing steps based on the type of the data, for example to create previews. This raw metadata is presented to the user in the Medici web client.

Most of the development is going into Medici 2 which is a complete rewirte of Medici 1 and focuses on scalability and security, as well as giving the interface a new and modern look. More information about Medici 1 can be found here.

Live Demo

A live demo of Medici 2 can be found at our demo site. You can browse any files uploaded. To upload files you will need to register for an account, once that is approved you can upload files. All files uploaded will become publicly available.

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Luigi Marini
Image and Spatial Data Analysis Division
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