The Medici Content Repository System is a web and desktop-enabled content management system that allows users to upload, collate, annotate, and run analytics on a variety of files types. The system developed provides a place for web-based sharing of data.

Key Functionalities

  • drag-and-drop upload
  • extreme zoom capabilities
  • automated metadata extraction
  • collection creation
  • tagging and annotation
  • commenting
  • preview and large size image display
  • metadata search
  • overlay with Google map if latitude and longitude metadata are embedded in files
  • portable and open representation of data
  • extensible analytical tools
  • manage aggregate collections comprised of distributed sub-collections
  • track internal processing of resources and the creation of derived resources
  • provide global persistent identifiers for resources suitable for citation and the ability to export metadata, provenance, tags, etc. in globally understood standard formats
  • support simple, incremental ingest through web and desktop interfaces and metadata-based browsing in which resources can be organized and filtered not only by collection but by creator, tag, provenance, etc
  • to use desktop analysis tools via a remotely hosted web service in concert with the knowledge-space without having to deal with download, installation, licensing, etc.


Intellectual Drivers

Community collections of image, audio, and video files are becoming a critical shared resource for research, teaching, and learning. With the decreasing costs of digitizing materials and creating new digital resources, collections are growing rapidly, as are the number of sources (creators). Further, web 2.0 capabilities are raising expectations related to community contributions and review (tagging, annotation, and rating) and embedded analysis and visualization capabilities.

As such collections become the basis for independent research efforts, the need for robust mechanisms for persistent distributed citation capabilities, and provenance tracking of derived resources and collections in general, is also growing. In combination, these trends are outstripping the capabilities available from simple systems relying on custom web interfaces to file systems and relational databases.

The Medici Content Repository leverages the semantic content management infrastructure of NCSA to provide a core product that serves as an out-of-the-box replacement/upgrade for the current generation of custom systems assembled from a relational database and standard web/desktop development toolkits.

Publications, Presentations, and Videos

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